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What do you need?


To apply for a divorce you will need:


Your husband or wife's full name and address.


Your marriage certificate or a certified copy if you can't find the original.


A deed poll certificate to prove change of name (if applicable).

To pay the court fee of £550.

Decree Nisi

Once your husband or wife has returned the acknowledgement forms to the court and agreed to the divorce, you will need to apply for a decree nisi. 

This is a conditional order which provides that the divorce can proceed.


You may apply for a decree nisi even if your partner does not agree to a divorce but in those circumstances you will need to go to court so a judge can decide whether to grant it or not.

Decree Absolute

The last step in ending a marriage is applying for a decree absolute.


This is the final order that is made by the court and ends your marriage.

You need to wait for 6 weeks and one day after the date of the decree nisi to apply for the decree absolute.

The decree absolute can be granted even if disputes about children or money are ongoing in court.

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